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Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Flightline Support

Improve reliability and effectiveness of aircraft operations.

Dispatch, service, inspect, clean, corrosion control, modify and maintain powered/non-powered Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE), munitions materiel handling trailers/components, and equipment other than AGE.


Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Enhance safety, reduce costs, and improve overall asset management.

Support field maintenance, technical assistance, technical inspections, and maintenance services and repairs (both scheduled and unscheduled) in accordance with client-specific technical manuals and standards.

Empty Factory

Facilities Support 

Expand operations through comprehensive facilities support management.

Perform logistics, warehousing, storage, distribution, vehicle/heavy equipment maintenance and repair, and airfield ground support, as well as maintenance, alteration, repair and construction of real property/facilities.  

Construction workers on work site


Safely deliver projects by effectively managing risks, budget, and personnel.

Provide new installation, renovation, and alteration projects including structural repair; engineering and design; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; HVAC and fire suppression/protection system installation; roofing, flooring, and painting; site work, paving, drainage, and fencing. 

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